Pet Application

While not all of our properties are pet friendly, those that are require that you complete this pet application before your pet moves into the property. Contact your property manager to find out the pet restrictions for your property. If you are a disabled person who qualifies for concessions under the American with Disabilities Act to have a service/emotional support animal, please let us know. Service animals are not considered pets and are not subject to the same procedures, although you must fill out this form and submit license and vaccine documentation.

Are any of these animals service animals eligible for concessions as described in the Americans With Disabilities Act? *
Type of animal *
Type of animal
Attach your vet records! We require proof of spay/nueter, proof of current vaccinations, and proof of Eugene dog license. If you are submitting a request for concessions under the ADA for a service/companion animal, you can attach that documentation as well. This information can also be submitted separately.