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Re: Reunion is open to ALL WESTWOOD ALUMNI that would like to come

CLASS OF 1968 Reunion Announcement !!! I have now been given another option for our reunion and I want the ALUMNI to make the decision as to which you are in favor of us doing. Sweet Peas In Olive Branch has offered us a 5600 sq ft. room, a buffet with 3 meats and country vegetables, dessert etc. but this will cost us. They have cut the room charge in half for us. We can have a band, all our decorations, DJ, whatever we want to do but we have to guarantee 200 people at $30 each which is excellent I think. (we would spend near that at Marshalls for a full course steak dinner each) The convenience of Olive Branch is very appealing to me and nice hotels. For this guarantee I would need to seek the help for sure of other classes committing also and have a reunion committee like Class of 1967 did. A bit hard to make that decision this early out but I want to go with majority rules. Please respond back on our Westwood Class of 1968 Reunion page.