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Information about my trips to: Australia, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile: Easter Island - Rapa Nui, Dominican Republic, Dubai, French Polynesia, Great Britain: London - Scotland, Greece: Rhodes - Creete, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia: Bali, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar Burma, Philippines, Russia: Saint Petersburg, Singapore, Spain: Seville - Barcelona, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey: Istanbul, United States - Florida, Zambia.

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Re: Brazil

>Did you purchase your airline pass in your country?

I bought the airline pass in my country, itís impossible to buy in Brazil, is available only to foreigners and Brazilians residing abroad holding a round trip ticket to Brazil.

>Was the language a great barrier, are there a lot of english speaking people?

there arenít a lot of english speaking people but we didnít have great problem.

>What types of food do you recommend?

As I wrote on my Brazil info page:

Churrasco: barbecued meat on the spits, EXCELLENT ,

the national dish: the feijoada, soup of beans and meat,

pan de queijo: sandwiches with a I mix of cheese,

a cheese of which I don't remember the name cooked to the grate on skewers,

the fruit juices, very good.

Did you make hotel reservations prior to going?

Yes, first of all because was a ďspecialĒ trip with my family, even because we moved a lot across the country in a few time and we did not want to loose time in searching the accommodation. If you have time and donít travel in peak season I think there arenít problem in finding accommodations.

Have a good trip