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sexual lust Spirits

I am asking for prayers please. I am being taunted by a a Spirit of lust and I don't know what to do. I am a follower of Christ and do my very best to be faithful.
Lately all I think about is sex. I have sexual fantasies constantly. I cannot get rid of this no matter what I do. These feelings will not go away.
I am not married and know this is sinful.
It is making me depressed. All I do is cry. I have never felt so lonely and alone....
Please help!

Re: sexual lust Spirits

You can be effective in getting rid of the spirits of lust if you diligently go through the process of spiritual warfare. Like computer viruses, spirits such as lust must be located, identified and dealt with truths and with believer's authority in Christ Jesus.

I will be praying for you but I would like you to go through the following procedure in locating and dealing with these spirits of lust:

1. Check your spiritual environment.
a. people are carriers of lust. The lust that afflicts you may have come from others who are in contact with you or near you who are engaged in sex sins such as porn, fornication, adultery, perversion.
b. Your place if it had been or is still being used as a venue of sex sins it can be filled with lust so that you can pick them up in your mind and body and can feel it and can see lustful visions or pictures in your mind.

2. If you have located and identified the source of lust in your place, use your authority in Christ to drive lust away in prayer, in spirit and in truth. If you have access, legal authority, and the respect of the person/s engaging in lustful activities, go and tell them to stop. If there are lustful materials hanging around your place, get rid of them if they belong to you. If it belongs to others, ask them to get rid of them politely and explain why it is bothering you. If this is not possible, then what you can do only is to pray against it.

3. If you are living in a place where people are engaged in sex sins and you cannot possibly tell them to stop their sins or tell them to go away, your options would be:
a. Go and live n another place where there are no lust demons and no people committing sex sins.
b. if living in another place is not a possible alternative, you must be determined to get rid of lust in your place through prayer and fasting. Focus your mind and body in this battle vs.lust until it is subdued.

A proactive battle is done by orally declaring truths from the Bible and revealed by the Holy Spirit.

Rise up and walk to and fro around your place, stomping your feet with strength as if physically crushing snakes and scorpions, orally praying biblical truths and statements declaring who God is and who your are in God and that you are in covenant relationship with God through the blood of Jesus Christ His Son determined to make the place holy!

Orally declaring God's will in your place toward the spirit realm will sanctify you, your place and the people living in that place.

I pray and assure you that victory is at hand for God's praise and glory. God bless.

In His battles,

Leo Calderon
Prayer Warrior