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Re: What is this????

My name is robin, and I am 28 years old. I just recently have been dealing with anxiety and I am semi through this. I was living in Denver for 5 years and I came to Dallas to visit my mom in March, then I get back to denver then the anxiety started, I havent been acting the same as I used to, I only read and pray and when I do look at tv its only the disney channel. Outside of the that I have hot and cold spells, shooting pains like leg tremers, stomach aches, chest pains and headaches. Its only after I read when the headaches start. I have been experiencing these feelings since I got back into my word and prayer life. Also, it makes me feel weird about death and dying and I never started feeling this way till now. Why is this happening to me? What does all this mean?

You are picking up signals in the spirit world, and this could be the spirit realm where somebody else is in this predicament, perhaps your mom?

The spells that you mentioned usually speaks of witchcraft but it is also possible that there is more or less to it or something other than witchcraft. You can stop these spells if you are able to identify, locate the culprit and make war with them in spirit and in truth. For your guide in dealing with this, go to the article,”Detecting Source of Pain or Ailment”.

God bless.

Leo Calderon
Prayer Coordinator