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Welcome to the Arsenal for Global Warfare Forum. Post your comments, questions, answers, insights, thoughts, experiences, articles or anything valuable to the Body of Christ for the glory of Jesus. This place is also intended as a virtual fellowship room for warriors--- a place where strength, encouragement, confirmation, exhortation, support and wisdom may be given or received. If you have prayer requests, please use the Prayer Forum.

Spiritual Warfare Forum
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Re: Traditionalist North American Indian Witch

Thank you for reading my post.Thank you for your offer to take up the Sword of Truth to fight against the spiritual attacks from a daughter of Jezebel on behalf of myself and my family. I do agree in Jesus Name to commit to the Lord's strategy in this warfare as He has revealed to you through the Gift of Knowledge. First of all, I just realized this evening that every person from the surrounding area of the traditionalist witch who has befriended or supported me had inexplicably and 'coincidentally' had their houses burnt to the ground. Three males, one single and living alone and the other 2 with their wives and children from within the same community as the Witch all escaped house fires in separate incidents. I myself and my friend Jess narrowly escaped an apartment block fire a few months later! Before that particular incident I discerned an impending witchcraft attack and the Lord told me to pray for everyone's safety in the apartment block and I didn't know why as everything seemed fine but did so anyway. My friend Jess and I were briefly hospitalized for smoke inhalation though. Then another man who agreed to help me by giving me information for my divorce lawyer fell asleep while cooking and woke up to his dog biting and scratching him awake to a roaring house fire. He survived. This happened only a few weeks ago. Then before that my eldest son had a visitor who brought along his new girl-friend who radiated evil within her eyes. Another family member ordered her out because she unnerved everyone. This woman was later arrested for murdering 5 people through an act of arson! Then in another incident a local male arsonist set my Christian son's van and his wife's cousin's car on fire and the garage as well. So from what I gather, it is imperative that all allies and supporters of this warfare, whether aware or unaware of this spiritual War be covered with the Blood of Jesus for their protection. They are the flank soldiers, mostly unskilled and untrained in tactical spiritual warfare but still important and perceived as a threat by the Enemy just by their allegiance. It is the weakest unskilled soldiers who are picked off by the enemy. This is my assessment. In another incident, I woke up to my eye pulling and twitching and the Holy Spirit told me it was another witchcraft attack on my face to cause disfigurement. I sat up to pray silently so I would not disturb my elderly mother sleeping nearby. But she sat up and told me we had to pray because she was feeling a spiritual attack on her face at that same moment! I did not say one word to her as to what was transpiring with me. I now know, the first order of this warfare is to protect the basic infantry soldiers of Christ who accompany us in any advanced warfare. Not all of them even know they have been caught up in a raging war.