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Intense pain in right upper back

Hi. Pastor Leo! I don't know if you can still remember me. From Peace International Christian Church in Fairview before. Anyway, I woke up having this intense pain on my upper right back. Last. Sunday I had intense pain on my lower back and when issues where resolved in the ministry, it became well though there is still a very slight pain. But today this pain is so intense that even when resting it is painful, I find it so difficult to move. The manual I had from your prophetic school was borrowed and was not returned to me so I tried to research in your website but could not find reference to what this is. I looked at the anatomy of man and it is the spine of scapula. I know I have to target something in prayer. Can you pls help me? Thank you and God bless you!

Re: Intense pain in right upper back

Hi, Jane! Though my memory about you needs to be refreshed, somehow I can still see clearly several images of faces I know from Peace International in my mind. My warm regards to all.

Back pains are indicative of problems concerning the stability of an organization, institution, or a corporate body. This can be a family, a church, a ministry, or a community, a government, and even nations.

Though last Sunday, the resolved issues relieved you of your lower back pain, such relief was only temporary because the issues were temporarily resolved.

Now the intense pain that you are feeling after last Sunday indicates that the people involved in the issues are still in pain and that they are under the attack of darkness. In fact, they are still at their most critical moment of desperation and devastation---so they need prayers, particularly, intercession and spiritual warfare vs. evil forces which is working on this opportunity to cloud and defile the minds and emotion of the involved parties with bitterness.

Therefore, the Lord has activated your body to be a prophetic signboard. With the intense pain on your back, its healing can come after overcoming evil in this war versus the dark kingdom drawn by the issues in the ministry. Be strong and courageous! The love, grace, and word of God coming out of your mouth will set people free and will put evil under your feet.

Now how long will this pain be? It will be as long as you overcome evil. So go and listen to God and get His command. Get His word and speak it. It is your sword coming out of your mouth.

God bless