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Lust & Pornography

Hi Leo,

I am 23years old male, from the UK. I used to ********** with pornography since I was 11/12. I was never a daily user due to my living situation. But it was a habit nonetheless once or twice a week. This was all despite being a baptised, born again christian, (I gave my life to Christ very young). I began trying to curb my ************ habit at 16, when I realised something was very wrong.

I found your website at some point in the last 2/3 years. and I applied all your strategies from the overcoming lust page. I cast out the demons in my life and my home. I got rid of any soul-tie objects from past relationships. Prayed that God would renew my eyes. Prayed forgiveness for my depraved sins as a young man. Prayed that all images would be gone from my mind (the pornography affected me quite badly and I once ***** to the image of another man, I am extremely ashamed).

And ofcourse it worked, I was free. As of this moment I have not watched pornography or masturbated for 1 year and 1 month. I feel free-ish. I have become much more sensitive to the spirit realm. Able to tell just by a handshake or sight if someone is engaging in sexual immorality. And I helped others as well.

The only problem is I feel that I am regressing. I'm starting to feel the demonic spirits clinging to me. During the day its fine, I rebuke them with scriptures and prayer, but in the morning just as I get up I am weak in the mind and I sometimes feel like I am on the edge of going back down that path.

Sometimes when I am daydreaming, some images from past sins come back and haunt and chide me, especially the worst one I mentioned above. Despite this as I say most of the images have gone from my mind thankfully. How do I get rid of the images once and for all.

One final point, you talk about how crushes are bad, and I understand that. But if I am at my church and I see someone who activates my SAA because they are god-fearing and pretty, and intelligent, what am I supposed to do. I will admit that once in a while my mind travels to far and imagines inappropriate things. This also NEEDS to stop. I do want to be married, I just don't understand how to move towards marriage without feeling lustful. Is God going to tell me who the woman is for me just out of the blue? I really don't want to take any of these sexual problems into marriage. My dad left my mom for another woman and I don't want to be like that. I want to do what God asks of men in the household.

I know this is a lot to ask but...

What can I do. Can you help me, I want to be free from this desperate insatiable state.

Josh Fenton

Re: Lust & Pornography

Dear Josh,

Thank you for sharing with me your need to be freed from your “desperate insatiable state”.

The fact is, lustful attacks come and go as long as we live. We live in a lustful world. Unfortunately, in church, our SAA is also activated instead of godly fear in the awesome Presence of God. So it is our responsibility to aggressively attain holiness. Being passive in impure thoughts leads to regression. You know this.

Seeing a lady of your liking and having your SAA activated calls for war. Lust is in the air. She may be under attack and you have picked it up and you are also infected. Pray for her to be freed from lust. Possibly, some men are also lusting for her or she is also lusting.

On the other hand, when you see a lady you like and you feel the fear of God in her and in yourself, then that lady does not have a problem on lust. Your SAA is not activated because you pick up her spirit dwelling in the holiness of God. This is also how you assess a lady whom you would consider in developing a good relationship.

During the night, dawn and early morning lust attacks us--lust demons effectively infect people while in bed. If this is happening to you, you must develop a battle plan. You know the rules; review your notes.

Regression develops when you are passive. Be aggressive. Develop a battle plan. So what should be your battle plan?

Rebuking them simply may not work for you at this time. God wants you to mature in your holiness and see things through His EYE. At this level, wanting not too see impure images in your mind is like refusing God's purpose for you in His battle plan. It does not work that way if you have been ordained to see evil and overcome it.

Does God see all the evil on earth like pornography and immoral activities? Yes He does and does not sin. He is holy. Now, therefore, if we, His sons and daughters who are holy like Him, see any impure image or activity and it will not entice us to lust nor defile us, it is because we see it with holy eyes and reverse it from evil.

You know that truth sets free. With this law and principle, you must develop truths in your mind as your weapon. Diagnose your lustful problems. Ask yourself why you are inclined to lust on a person? What are the things that attract you? Make a list e.g. face, hair, nose, lips, figure, legs, color, dress, IQ, character, personality, etc..

Pray through your list. Attack and neutralize each item with truth reciting it so that heaven and earth are your witnesses. Do this as often as you can, day in day out.

Deactivate your SAA. Develop a truth statement to deactivate this. Refuel your mind with truth; refuel your heart with passion loving God above all. Make truth statements, write them down, recite them orally and mentally.

Develop mental discipline. Aggressively as a fierce warrior, by all godly means, get out from loving the flesh by looking up to God in heaven and renew your love in Him. It is your call, your choice. Be holy and choose to aggressively make war with lust.

Confront every impure thought playing in your mind. Know where it is coming from and engage it. Let God show you his wisdom in this battle for you to win not only for yourself but, in a larger scale, for others in bondage.

After winning personal battles versus lust, immoral pictures you see in your mind now serve as an avenue for intercession and spiritual warfare for others who are trapped in this filth. So, don't ever think that impure thoughts will never cross your mind again. It will. When this happens, it is because your senses pick them up and God wants you to wage war against it, reverse the curse, and take immoral cities for His kingdom.


Re: Lust & Pornography

Thanks so much for your reply Leo, I WILL put those things in to practice.

I sense that what you are saying is true as it really does match with my experience.

Continue to pray with me.