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Re: I have information from the front lines...and I offer my services to God as a Xia Ke...


Does this mean you wanna be a three-foot ninja or somethin?

Well, let's see, it would be cool if God's army had some dude like that!

Just think of it this way: with you, we'll beat satan in no time.

(yes, i've seen wuxia films, i know what you're talking about!)

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Replying to:

The following message is offered in two parts. These two parts will be noted by seperaters.


Intelligence from the front lines...this info is 003 YEARS old. TRANSIENT! TRANSIENT!

Several years ago I was involved in the New Age adverse sociopolitical movement. I encountered numerous demonic deceptions and influences. Most of my practices relied in the psychoenergetic or psionics field. Following is a report to tell those concerned exactly what is going on in these fields.

1) Psychokinesis is defined by the psychoenegetics as the ability to control a wide variety of elements, including but not limited to electricity, magnetics, fire, water, ice, air, sound, physical chance, physical objects, health, the human genome and the likes.

2) Psychokinesis is ruled by a powerful demon king who is increasingly having wide sway over our teenagers and young adults. This ruler has the power to give these kids the false works they want and convince them they are powerful. Unfortunately, all it takes is a lone chivalrous warrior like myself to shatter their prowess. Kung fu training has given me the ability to break bones faster than they can ground and center.

3) The most worrisome of the psionics are those held in sway by Kaiou Buushi and Kaiou Lei. The two ki-warriors are capable of shattering lives because they teach a perveted form of qigong, a sino-koreo-japanese health/martial art, to radomn people for free on their website. PEOPLE HAVE GOTTEN KILLED FROM THIS STUFF! PEOPLE HAVE KILLED PEOPLE WITH THIS STUFF! And little of the deaths ever had to do with a modern lone chivalrous warrior even touching the air within 3 ft of them.

4) The most dangerous of the ki-warriors is Skull Kid, whose real name shall have to be vieled for now. Even I, a fearless xiake, do not know his name. He teaches Qigong and the ki-fighting methods, too. He is the most powerful of the ki-warriors.


You must pray for these rulers to be overthrown! You must pray for the souls of the ki-warriors! You must ask God to save them! You must! You must tear down the stronghold of the ki-warriors! If you do not, I WILL!!!!!


Offerant: Zhang Guannan, Shaoxiayi.

I have trained in the martial arts since i was a kid, and seeing in the wuxia films all those chivalrous warriors, I decided I would fuse that, my CMA training, and my SW training to become a Xiayi. Please accept my offer, Father God. Brothers and fellows, offer me up to God as a lone chivalrous warrior, that I may never forget the commitment I've just made. Amen.

Please feel free to comment on the former article. I will take no BS on the second.

In fellowship and Jesus' name, NAMARIE!