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Welcome to the Arsenal for Global Warfare Forum. Post your comments, questions, answers, insights, thoughts, experiences, articles or anything valuable to the Body of Christ for the glory of Jesus. This place is also intended as a virtual fellowship room for warriors--- a place where strength, encouragement, confirmation, exhortation, support and wisdom may be given or received. If you have prayer requests, please use the Prayer Forum.

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Re: Re: repentance

I appreciate your response to my question. Everything you said is truth because it is only a confirmation of what I thought I was hearing from the Lord Himself. Just the other day I took time to listen to what He wanted to tell me, and He did ask me "why". I started to analyze and ask myself that question then and only got part of the answer. You are right when you say I have to write down things as well to come up with the whole answer. Thank you for your wisdom, time, and encouragement. You are a blessing.