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Welcome to the Arsenal for Global Warfare Forum. Post your comments, questions, answers, insights, thoughts, experiences, articles or anything valuable to the Body of Christ for the glory of Jesus. This place is also intended as a virtual fellowship room for warriors--- a place where strength, encouragement, confirmation, exhortation, support and wisdom may be given or received. If you have prayer requests, please use the Prayer Forum.

Spiritual Warfare Forum
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Nothing But the Grace of God

Hi Leo and Zeny,

A couple of years have passed since I last conversed with you. The good news is that I am still warring a good warfare, even though I am going through the refiner's fire.

In Dec. 2006, I was involved in a work-related accident that cause re-injury to my neck and back from previous automobile accidents in 1999 and 2001. Ironically, all three of the accidents occurred on my way to church and/or coming from church.

In Feb. 2007, I was terminated from my job after 22 plus years of faithful service because I refused to compromise my walk with God by engaging in unfair employment practices. Although the news was devastating, it did not totally come by surprise because God showed me in a dream my boss "walking" me out of the door in 2003. Nevertheless, I lost all of my benefits as well as income.

To say the least, my faith did take a beating, but by the grace of God I am still standing.

I feel impress in my spirit to review (and have already begun) to read/study the teachings on your website pertinent to spiritual warfare.

At the end of last year (Dec. 2006), revelation about Jesus standing at the door; knocking, and beckoning His children to come through that open door. I have also heard several pastors proclaimed that 2007 is the year of the "Open Door".

Having had my door of employment closed in 2007, I have no idea (but presently seeking through prayer)what open door(s) God wants to open for me.

As one whom God frequently visits through dreams/visions, I would appreciate any insight you may have in regards this dream below:

DREAM - January 30, 2004

I dreamed that one of my sisters was being honored at some type of banquet/reception. Some of the guests brought presents and even banners. I could not see what any of the banners read. However, there was a knock at the door, and my sister opened it. I saw the person at the door hand her another banner. She looked at the banner and said, "This is not for me...It's for Idella." When she gave me the banner, I was very excited and jubilant. The first thing I noticed was that my name was printed diagonally. Secondly, I noticed what appeared to be a god pot, shaped like a tea kettle, and spoke was coming out of it. Thirdly, I noticed the text printed on the banner, and it read, "Blow the trumpet in Zion." Afterwards, I woke up.

I know there is spiritual revelation connected with this dream as well as other dreams that have yet to be interpreted. I have already begun to seek God's divine revelation.

Any spiritual discernment regarding what has been shared is appreciated. Also, my sister in this particular dream is in a backslidden condition (although she was not when the dream was giving).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Forever His Servant,

I remain, Idella

Re: Nothing But the Grace of God

The door is now open for you to go back to your "Hebraic Roots". You are going to Israel and "blow the trumpet in Zion", proclaiming Jesus' soon coming and preparing His Bride, Jerusalem!

The "DOOR" is also open for you to go into a business of your own where you will not spend so much time on it but more time on the Lord's assigned work and yet great wealth will be gathered by you.

Seek the Lord and wait upon Him and He will lead you to that business or lead that business to you. God bless and rejoice in His plan and Presence!