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Welcome to the Arsenal for Global Warfare Forum. Post your comments, questions, answers, insights, thoughts, experiences, articles or anything valuable to the Body of Christ for the glory of Jesus. This place is also intended as a virtual fellowship room for warriors--- a place where strength, encouragement, confirmation, exhortation, support and wisdom may be given or received. If you have prayer requests, please use the Prayer Forum.

Spiritual Warfare Forum
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I am wondering if anyone can help me. As I woke up I "heard" (as a thought) these words I will protect a beauty in art. Does any body have a clue as to what this could mean. I am a person who sees demons in various places and I have been in a very intense spiritual battle since 2001. Also in Oct 2005 I heard the words its over upon awakening. Well it isn't over yet. The Holy Spirit telling me before it happens?

GOD Bless,