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Spiritual Warfare Forum
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To hone the gift of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Me and my wife have been priveledged to be able to hear GOD, but we need to hone that gift so it can be serve its purpose of edifying the church and help our prayers reach the right targets.

We have been lately given prophetic messages by GOD and we want to learn more of the gifts that is manifesting bit by bit as we go deeper in our prayers.

My concern is who can we ask some advice or mentoring to help us develop these gifts from the HOLY SPIRIT?

Re: To hone the gift of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Mentoring is best experienced with a person who can mentor you at the same place at the same time. But with the internet technology today, mentoring can now be done to anyone from anywhere in the world since communication is only a mouse click away.

Honing your gift is best done in your Church with the people you know and know you. I would advise you to abide by the protocol of your Church leadership. If your leaders are not that gifted as you are, there is no need to be intimidated nor feel that you are in the wrong place.

God has placed you where you are unless of course you have heard the Lord speak to you to move out.

My wife and I have been hearing God's voice without anybody mentoring us in this gift but God has blessed us with relationships here and there in Church and outside of our church with people who are gifted as well. But of course, honing your gift is quickly learned with a seasoned hearer of God's voice like a man or a woman of God in the prophetic anointing.

When you are in an environment where no one is able to mentor you in this field, the best mentor ever who is always availble and perfect for you to learn from is the Holy Spirit.

For some advice, tips and guidelines, perhaps you can share your "hearings" with me.

Bless you in your learning journey!

Leo Calderon