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Re: Dream's interpretation

Here are significant symbols you may consider in the interpretation of your dream:

Remote place: a place where the Lord wants you to go to accomplish a mission.

Vehicle (pickup): a manner/procedure/equipment or provision of the Lord for your mission. Where He guides, He provides; Where He leads, He feeds!This can also speak of something intangible like a revelation knowledge and wisdom on gathering people for the gospel or for any purpose that the Lord has called you to do for His glory.

cat/dog(pets): Do you love cats/dogs/ or domesticated animals? If not, the Lord could be leading you into a change of heart. If yes, the Lord is showing a higher understanding of your calling, and this can also be a picture of what God is calling you to do in the "remote place" (place of mission)----gathering lost "pets" into their rightful place (biblical allegory:gathering "lost sheep" into the sheep pen where Jesus is the Good Shepherd).

Untying the cats/dogs: This speaks of freeing captives. This is a picture showing you also the particular call/task that the Lord is wanting you to do according to his CALL and PURPOSE----set the captives free. This can speak of particular tasks like spiritual warfare, intercession, prayer in dealing with spiritual/physical captors.

Perceptual Conclusion: The dream could speak of your calling and mission. If you are doing other things and are walking outside of your call, this dream could be a wake up call. Go to the Lord and seek His WORD for you regarding your calling and mission. Pursue to hear his VOICE instead of intellectualizing or trying to figure out His call and mission for you. God speaks today just as He spoke to Abraham until the time of the apostles in ACTS. Pursue His "Presence" as Moses' prayed. It may take a while until you clearly recognize God's Voice if you are not yet familiar with the sound of His voice. In this pursuit, you may see and encounter evil spirits but do not be afraid. Neutralize them in Jesus' name and they will flee. Know the truth, learn them in the scriptures and use them in dealing with evil spirits in your environment because surely the Lord will open your eyes in the spirit realm when you pursue and persist in seeking God's Kingdom.

The Lord appears to them that know Him not! God bless,


Re: Dream's interpretation

Thank you very much for the interpretation. Indeed that is what the Lord wanted me to pursue as this was confirmed by a prophet i was able to meet from long ago when I use to serve as a youth leader of a Christian organization at school.

Now that i have a wife, God is once more preparing me for higher level of intimacy with Him. It was just a few months when I was invited to come to a bible study that the leader of that group was a gifted apostle (great anointing). I grew in my spirit everytime he shares his mission to me and burden for the lost and captives. Now i have the apetite to always seek God through prayer, books that has to do with prayer warfare and hearing His leading or voice.

I hope you could give me some advice on these matter and how and where can I cultivate these gifts. The one who is decipling me will be going to europe for missions and i may be left with no mentor.

any suggestions will be greatly appreciate po.

Thank you