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South African Postcard Values – 2006

This is a self running CD designed for Personal Computers that are running the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is made up of three main parts :-
1. A priced catalogue of South African postcards.
2. Individual checklists of postcards published by, Barnett, Braune & Levy, Epstein, Fusslein, GB, GSJ, Hallis, Newman, PSC, Rittenberg, SAPSCO, Valentine and smaller publishers.
3. A checklist of South African postcard publishers.

The price, including shipping anywhere in the world, is $13.99 or £7.00. Payment can be made using a dollar or sterling check (I have bank accounts in both counties or by using Paypal to:


Mailing address
Martin Nicholson, 3, Grovelands, Daventry, Northants NN114DH, England.

Re: South African Postcard Values – 2006

I purchased a copy of this CD some time ago and found it to be very good value for money and an excellent reference tool. Highly recommended to any collector of South African postcards.

Mark Smith