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Roxy 15 and 30mg,Adderall 30mg,4mg and 8mg,Hydrocodone 10/325mg,etc

Shipping might take 1,2,3 days to reach your address
confirmation depending on the country.we will be providing you a traceable tracking
number once
we register your order for let us know
what your order is.
We Ship with USPS so they must obtain a search warrant to open any packages.
We Print out the postage, shipping and return
addresses on a sticker so we look very professional as possible.
so we try to blend in as much as possible
with the rest of the mail stream which is mostly "business reply mail.

We do DROP SHIPPING( were you are not going to sign
before collecting your parcel )
and DIRECT SHIPPING( were you are required to sign
before collecting your parcel )so let us know your
choice of shipment.

All products are vacuum sealed such that contents can not be
detected by canine or electronic sniffers
or x-rays. So we are very discreet.
through these