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Re: Today was a good day.....

Congrats, BMP!

You had a good day on jigs. Jigs are a great big Bass lure - we should all use them more often ... my favourite jig trailer is a Zoom Brush Hog or a Gene Larew Hoo-Daddy.

Thanks for posting - its nice to know whats happening in Bass circles on the other side of the planet!

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today was a big confidence day for me, because before I had no confidence in jigs, now that will be all I fish lol. we caught around 7 dinks, 4 3 lbers, a 5, and a 6.5.....and all these in the afternoon. i couldnt imagine what the mornin would have been like! we fished docks at 10 ft deep just jigging and keeping contact with the bottom. the hardest part about jig fishing is detecting the bites. the main jig was a jig that one of my friends sponsors hand make, brown and black with a zoom black super chunk. another good jig was the terminator finesse jig (brown,black, pumpkin) with a pumpkin jr super chunk. had a ball. the next couple of trips i wont be takin anything but jigs, just to see if i cant get a few more big fish. oh and that 6.5 had some sharp teeth. that son of a gun sliced my hand wide open! so needless to say i had a great time boosting my confidence in jigs!