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Re: Re: Fishing spots @ Albert Falls

Thanks for the info Jacques.

Iíve had a look at these ďNew Lure TrendsĒ and Iím impressed. I am on the lookout for these lures, and will bye one soon as I can get my hands on one.

I decided on Albert Falls due to the location of the game park and the availability of the lodge and chalets. Inanda and Goedertrouw are next in line, to see what monster bass they deliver.

Will report back on how successful the trip was.

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Hang in there, Niek! I'm sure some of the Albert Falls experts will respond soon.

From what I've heard, chartruese or fire tiger coloured crankbaits (the big Bill Norman DD22's) work well. Also try Carolina rigged plastics and for the surface you'd have to go far to beat a Zara Spook. If you're after really big Bass, check out the "New Lure Trends" section on the site - link above.

As for productive spots at Albert Falls, I have not fished there intensively, so all I know is that the standing timber in the middle of the Dam and the Umgeni river inflows are reportedly good areas to try. Good fish have also been hooked at Kyalami Corner and Clan Bay.

Just a word of caution - Albert Falls has apparently not been fishing too well lately. How about trying Inanda Dam instead?

Get yourself a hog!

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Iíll be giving Albert Falls a try for the first time. Is there anyone out there that can give some directions to good spots? Also what lures work best for this dam.