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Hey, Chris! Welcome to the BIG BASS Forum!

Its great to have you on board!

Thanks again for your great article on the "Pro-Rig" Ospreys. Articles such as these help to keep any site current and relevant and provide Bassers with cutting-edge info. As you would have realised, we in SA still need to "get into" the big baits - apart from problems with availablity and price, most SA Bassers seem just too intimidated to throw the big lures! There have, however, been rumours of the large saltwater Rapala Super ShadRaps being used with some success on big Bass.

Soft plastics have always been a mainstay - current hot favourites are BrushHogs, Dead Ringers, Flukes and Ring Fry. Crankbaits in all shapes and sizes are also popular. A few specialise in spinnerbaits. The current SA record fell for a Zara Spook and the current Zimbabwe record for a buzzbait.

Looking forward to hearing from you again and thanks for using the Forum. Do let us know when your Bass World West site is up and running ...

Greetings from South Africa,


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Thanks for the great profile on your site!!! We spent about an hour yesterday going over this site and looking at all the South African toads you guys have caught down there. My question is what the most prevalent techniques are over there? Do you guys rely on plastic worms as heavily as we do, or are you into more reaction or? The big bait is going to account for many lunkers wherever it is thrown, but what is your guys' bread and butter? Just wondering. Chris.