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Thanks for the info ...

... Larry! Good customer service is a rare thing these days and very refreshing to experience. Companies I have been impressed with recently are, (contact Cher Vella)and (contact Chris Johnson).

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Last fall, I purchased 5 spinnerbaits from Secret Weapon Lures. I caught some nice bass with them, and became hooked on them. I even sent them a picture of one of my 5 pounders and told them how much I liked their lures. It is on the Braggin'Board on their site.

Well, last month, in switching from my bank walking backpack, to my new float tube, I somehow lost my SW spinnerbaits. I finally gave up and went to their web site to replace them, to find that they were moving their facilities, and were not taking any orders at that time.

I emailed them my problem, and asked to let me know when they were able to take orders. I got a reply back from Joe, the President of the company, apologizing for not being able to help me out.

He told me he was sending me a few from his own tacklebox, to cover me untill I could order some more my self.

Well, the day they arrived was the day I found my old ones (in the lake at the shoreline where I launched my float tube). He said keep the ones he sent anyway.

In this day of big corporations, where good service seems to cost too much, I was truely amazed at the service I got from them. It is truely outrageous service in my book (remember, I only bought 5 lures from them, a very small time customer!!)

I'm not trying to spam you, but I just felt the need to share this with you. It's not very often that the little guy gets treated so well.

To somehow repay them, I'm including a link to their web site. BUY YOUR LURES FROM WHOEVER YOU WANT TO!!!!!, but if you do try them, tell them Guthooked sent ya.