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Re: Re: Lake Mteri Fishing Report (3 - 8 June 2002)

Howzit, Mark!

One pic is up on the opening page of the site. The rest are coming ... I am in the process of changing jobs and moving to Ulundi, KZN (closer to Florida strain Bass!)so I have not been too active on the 'net lately ...

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Jacques you amke us all green with envy.

Now the one question remains???? Where are the photos so I can die with envy??

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Just returned from a wonderful Bassing trip to Lake Mteri, Zimbabwe. Accompanied Eddie and Greg Welman and Jacques Myburgh. Eddie and Greg (tel. (011) 975-2477 or 083-233-4922) have launched a new fishing guide service and are highly recommended. They arrange and organize everything and allow you to concentrate on the fishing. Great boat and tow vehicle equipped with "state of the art" accessories including GPS!

The fishing was good despite two cold fronts that came through. My biggest was 7.48lb (3.4kg) which is my personal best so far. (One day I'll get that 10lber!!)

The biggest Bass caught by our group (Greg Welman) was just over 8lb (3.8kg) and Jacques Myburgh got one of 3.5kg, but we all lost some good fish - most of these were not seen and broke off in the trees (by the way, the standing timber at this venue is something to see! The fishing method dictated by all this structure was flipping.

I flipped for about 4 days in a row using Assalt jigs tipped with a full size Gene Larew HooDaddy and 10" Berkley Powerworms Texas rigged and weight pegged. It was too

snaggy and brushy to even try the big baits such as the Osprey, although I gave my Castaic Trout a few casts near the dam wall where there were less trees!

Eddie Welman lost a real monster Bass right at the boat - I wouldn't even want to guess what that Bass weighed. He has

caught several over 10lb on previous occasions and was pretty shaken up by that fish! One fish I had on straightened the hook on a Woo Daves Stinger Jig (Berkley Whiplash Braid and tight drag!). The Assalt jigs were better

and did not straighten out with the braid ... Most Bass taken on the Assalt jig/ HooDaddy combo took the lures

far back in the throat.

The other guys mostly used Zoom BrushHogs with great success and a "nothing looking" 4" soft plastic (which shall remain nameless at their request) which proved irresistable to not only the Bass, but also accounted for quite a few nice barbel and Serranchromis robustus!

Another plus was that we got to meet Jerry Jooste the Zim and USA pro Bass fisherman and manufacturer of the excellent Ruffneck X70 and VX70 Bassboats!

The accommodation and meals as provided by Shane and Colette Warth were really good. Click on the link above.

If you want a good chance of getting your personal best Bass, contact Eddie and Greg Welman and consider Lake Mteri as your next venue!