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Re: Fishing Spots for Bass near JHB

Hi Gilynne!

The best bet is to click on the above URL and get the contact numbers of a Bass club in your area. I am sure they will be able to help with relevant and current info. Many waters in and around JHB have Bass.

Are any JHB Bassers out there?? Please post some info to help Gilynne ...

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I live in Johannesburg, and have a son who is a keen bass fisherman he lives in Mossel Bay and is fourteen. School Holidays are quality time for the both of us (mother and son)and this year he wants to take me bass fishing. I live on the East side of Johannesburg (Highlands North)and would like the closest bass dam or the best bass dam to take him fishing and have some fun. I have studied your fishing spot list but some of the names are meaningless. Can anybody help, are these the only places available or am I missing a place within this area. Hope somebody can help me. Gilynne Wastie