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Re: UK visitor to South Africa

Hi Jerry!

I know you will enjoy your time in SA!

Firstly, I have placed the URL to the Big Bass Forum in the "link box" above, just click on it to return.

For an unsurpassed experience in Bass fishing in South Africa, contact Greg Welman ( - I'm sure he will be able to organise an unforgettable excursion to suit your budget.

We also have massive Carp in SA. Try and get hold of Gilbert Foxcroft (Johannesburg and surrounds telephone directory?). Also check out, and contact them for Carp fishing info. Great Carping opportunities in the Johannesburg area and further afield.

Hope you get a big one in SA !

Anyone else out there, please also make some suggestions for Jerry!

Best regards and Tight Lines!

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I hope someone out there can help me.

I'm a UK carp/pike/zander/eel angler visiting south africa.

Havent managed to do much fishing apart from at a couple of trips to Footloose & rainbow trout farms.

1st off, i stumbled across this forum via my G/f's mweb links, so no url for this forum shows in browser..please can someone email me the full url so i can come back here

2nd, I'd sure love it for someone to share trip costs, expenses, show me the ropes in SA etc whether that be bass fishing..only ever spun for bass on a previous USA trip, catfish? i thinks you call 'em barble whereas UK barble look like your yellows... carp fishing, TIGERS ??? etc in fact anything.

I dont have much gear with me, a 9'ft & 6' rod is about it.

Havent ever held a fly rod, let alone know how to use one, but am fully prepared to let someone laff at my efforts with one

I'm based in sandton/bryanston, dont have my own wheels as yet, but am sure with the promise of some flowers & a meal out can persuade the G/F to drive me somewhere to meet up with a *guide*.

I'm in SA til 21st October 2002, return to UK for a week, & then back out again till Jan 2003, so if theres any bits & bobs i can bring back from the UK, i will do.

Thanx in advance

Be Lucky