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Don't know, but ...

... why not try crawling some smallish soft plastics right on the bottom in deeper water - look for timber (wood), rocks or any irregular feature which may or may not be visible above the waterline. The rip-rap in the area of the dam wall can be great to try as well, especially with crankbaits ...

These are just a few standard thoughts as I have never fished or even seen the dam!

Perhaps contacting some bass clubs in the area - look at the site for details of Bass clubs - may help with info, BUT it seems that many SA Bassers are rather tight-lipped compared to their USA counterparts

and do not like sharing any info .

Let us know when you find what works!

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hi all, myself and some friends are fairly new to the bass fishing arena! But what I would like to know is if there are some of you guys who fish/fished in the elandsjagt dam!

We have been there a couple of times! not too sure where to fish, and what to use! It is a very deep dam! 25m in some places! We saw some guys in a bass boat go straight towards the dam wall the other day! but as yet, we have just been fishing the "hollows", which look perfect 4 bass! could someone please give me some input/insight as to fishing here! thnkz.