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Thanks, Percy for a great report ...

... all Bassers should read if they intend fishing Korentepoort! Reports such as these coming in make the BigBass Forum and website so much more useful to Bassers around the country !

If you have the time, perhaps you could do an article (in MS Word) for the site on Korentepoort with photos of the Dam and the Bass (just check out the link above for an example), and e-mail it to me.

Come on you other Bassers "lurking" out there, how about some similar up to date reports?

Percy, I hope you get your "personal best" Bass this year !

Tight Lines and screaming reels ...


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Replying to:

Hi to all you bassers,

just want to give some info on a new bassin venue.

I've been on holiday in Stilbaai (Western Cape) the last couple of weeks. My dad and I went fishing at Koretepoort dam,35km outside Riversdale, and had a great time!!! We caught 30 bass, of which 21 were on topwater!! The water of the dam was very dark (like strong tea!), so we fished with vibration lures like spinnerbaits, pink flukes with 2 plastic beads and a dying flutter. We found a good spot at the top of the right leg of the dam and knocked them hard!!Most fish were caught on trees near the river channel in water shallower than 2 meters. The main point opposite the launch and to the left is also a good spot. There is an almost vertical drop from 2 to about 12 meters!

I can truly say that this was by far my best fishing experience in the Cape. Say what you like, but NOTHING beats a heartstopping topwater strike!(We had about 50 of those!) Groenvlei was a big disappointment, 'cus we only caught VERY small fish!

I wish tight lines to all my fellow bassers.