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Re: Roodekopjes report

Thanks for the detailed report BrushHog ! This is what we need more of on the BIG BASS Forum!

All the best, Buddy!


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Replying to:

Hi Jacques & to all.

Roodekopjes dam(north western province)is at a very low level!!!About 4 metres below normal water levels.Having said that I thought that fishing would be pretty easy as the fish had a lot less water to be lurking in!!!WRONG&RIGHT!!!To my findings the fish was’t that easy too catch and not everywhere we fished,rather they held to a specific and only one type of structure and in only one depth!!!To be short ICKY.All fish were caught in 4 metres of water at trees.That was it!!!All we had to do was to get trees standing in 4m of water(always on such a hot day perhaps slightly deeper)and WHAM!!!Things like 3-4 fish per tree,well it was like having a lock on them,and a feeling of anticipating that knock,feeling it and knowing that you would get hit!All fish were caught on Zoom’s Ultra Vibe Speedworm,greenpumpkin with 4/0 Gamakatsu wide gap hooks,12-14lb test with a weight 2 bullet sinker(texas rigged).The method was casting close to a tree’s base and letting the lure fall freely to the bottom.Whilst watching your line very carefully!!!We fished with Berkley Big Game (clear),if we fished with fluorescent line we would have had an easier task at watching the line making a bend whilst the lure made it’s way down.Totalling to 12 fish(biggest 1.6kg) taken on a hot day in a dam with falling water is good.As all hotspots are waving high and dry,these scenario’s can make a dam ‘another ball game’.As strange as bass are we also found 10-15 fish in 1-1.8 metres of water on a spawning flat!!!How bizarre,One I caught had a belly full of egg’s and this was very strange indeed.I know that bass spawns twice in certain waters,like this dam,but it is a strange phenomenon,I heard this from Hennie Naude from Bass World in Pretoria.I hope all has a better start to a day,because we had a fruitless 3 hours before locating the ‘pattern’.

Bassin greetings to my bassin-buddy Percy & all.

Brush Hog (du preez)