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Re: Bass in JHB

Hi Errol and welcome to the BIG BASS Forum!

Your report and the info is much appreciated - I'm certain many Bassers will be able to make excellent use of what you have shared !

We definitely need more such inputs ... Hopefully some other SA Bassers will follow your example.

Yes, Bass certainly have a way of "getting around" ...

As for the Vaal, there have been reports of Bass in the Standerton vicinity.

Thanks again!

Go stick (and release!) a PIG!


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Replying to:

Why are bass anglers in SA so tightlipped about the way they fish and where they fish. If we want to grow the sport we need to share some of this info, this info will be especialy valuable to some of the younger anglers that want to take up this great pastime. There is so many young kids in our big cities that just want to go somewhere and have a day's fishing. I've seen so many requests for spots in Jhb that nobody replies on, so here is a few spots I know of, hopefully a few of you will follow suit.

1.Germiston Lake-Definitely has bass but fishing not allowed, try the shore bordering the main road I've never been chased away here and have seen many anglers fishing here.

2.Quarry hole cnr. of Mainreef & Shamrock in Primrose Germiston-used to fish well for bass but has since deteriated after they channeled the stormwater in here, very deep 30metres+ and difficult terain.

3.Small dam in brackendowns, Alberton-turn of Swartkoppies into Overbury you will see the little dam, lots of small bass.

4.Westdene dam-smallish bass

5.Emmarentia dam - does have bass

6.Florida Lake - some nice bass

7.Wemmer Pan - some fair size bass, just be carefull for muggings.

8.Most of the little dams in the vlei running though the suburbs of Kempton Park holds bass.

9.Gilloolys farm - the dam has got bass not to sure about them allowing you to fish here, I heven't had problems yet.

10.All the dams next to the N12 highway in Benoni has bass seen a 2.5 kg out of the lake in front of Lakeside Mall, Homestead lake does have big bass but is closed for fishing.

11.Alexander dam - Murray Park in Springs has got some very nice bass.

12.Jukskei river - lots of smaller bass.

13.Bass lake - Henley on klip on the way to Vereeniging, the name says it all but no fishing unless you can bribe the guys at the dive centre and promise to catch and release.

14.Nigel dam - lots of bass seen a few of over 2 kg and personnaly lost a 2.5kg+ bass.

15.Witfield dam - ?????? can anybody shed some light.

16.Rynfield dam - ??????

I know there is bass in the Vaal but how far down the Vaal are they worth fishing for - Parys area ???

Please guys support this effort and add your bit(how about some of the other cities)remember I found most of these places by hearsay and observation. So next time you see a bassy looking piece of water walk around and see if you can spot the distinctive silhouet of a bass lurking in the water, you might be surprised were you find them.

Re: Re: Bass in JHB

Thanks for the info Jacques.

I do agree that the Bass fisherman in the country are very tight lipped about how and where to fish. I am new to the sport, and do appreciate every bit of your information!