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Re: Re: Eikenhof Dam, Western Cape


I am a meber of the Eikenhof Country Club fishing section, if you awant to know more please contact Mike Brown at 083 4551087

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Hi Steve!

Thanks for the report!

This seems very characteristic of a Dam where only Bass were stocked and where no self-sustaining fodder-fish base was created. Click on the link above.

Find out if other fish were stocked and when - some corrective action definitely seems necessary which may include harvesting small Bass and introducing adult vlei kurper (available at the Jonkershoek hatchery) at least 500 - 1000 per Ha of water surface area (and perhaps, in a year or two, hatchery trout of around 150 - 200mm during the colder months). Stocking Florida strain Bass will also increase size of future generations of Bass, but before that is done, first establish the correct food chain or fodder-fish base and aggressively harvest large numbers of small Bass. Definitely release all 2kg plus Bass. No 2kg Bass will ever reach 3kg or 4kg in a frying pan!

By the way, Steve, perhaps you could give us details of contact numbers and names of people to contact to fish Eikenhof Dam?

Perhaps you could also refer the owners/ mangers of Eikenhof Dam to the above very relevant link?

All the best,


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Fished Eikenhof in Grabouw Today - lots of very small Largemouth (15), but no decent fish caught or seen. Anyone know if this Dam contains decent size fish, or is it just infested with 20 - 25cm bass?