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Re: Loerie Dam + Groendal Dam, Eastern Cape

Great stuff, Steve!

Reports and info of this nature is what we are looking for to make the BIG BASS Forum useful to Bassers around the country!

Thanks for sharing. Buddy !


PS. Now how about some other visitors to the Forum, following Steve's example ...

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Replying to:

I see you do not have asterix's next to these two eastern cape dams - I can tell you to go ahead and asterix them.

Firstly - Loerie is a gem of a dam - consists of two legs - like a womans stockings with the most unbelievable structure, both man-made inlet pipes that bring fresh aerated water into the dam in a torrent and natural trees and overhanging bushes, as well a spurs and drop-offs and some magnificent cliffs. It must be fished using a small boat/canoe/float tube, and an electric motor is the way to go with a small dingy or inflatable. Both legs are about a km and a half long. Fish are plentiful (Northern Large mouth) and up to about 3KG, with the average being around a kg - but everytime I have been here I have got at least one bass of >1.5KGs. Suggested lures - plastics in watermelon and red shad, especially dead ringers, and don't ignore the long rod with hairy fairy type flies when the fish are rising, which they do frequently when the flying ants come out. I have sat in a boat on this dam with about 5 2kg plus bass cruising around me taking flying ants and nothing else, while my fly rod was at home!!!!aargh.

As for Groendal - this dam is at the top of Swartkops river and contains both smallies and northern largemouth. Fish vary from 500g to 2.5 kg, with 2kg smallies not uncommon. IT is a clear dam with waterlillies, weed, flats, and many deep cliff dropoffs which are the best spot for the big smallies. The top end of the dam is best. The dam cannot be accessed with a boat at all - but you hire an existing boat (dropped into the dam sometime back by helicopter!) from the Uitnehage municipality for the day at a reasonable rate - it comes with a gilly, and can comfortably fish 3 people - hint take along your own trolling motor. I have had days of 70 fish between the anglers on the boat on this dam!