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Trophy bass in Zim

HI all my mane is Michael St.Dare i am 14 years of age i am avade bass angler and hope to carry on in this wonderful sport. I'm writting on how to catch trophy bass in a dam in zimbabwe by the name of mayfair dam(lake cuningham). This is a large dam 100km south of Bulawayo. this dam has monster bass(the record is +- 15lbs) It's just catching them thats the problem.I always try large Zara spooks and the larger senkos(such as 8")plus 1/2 ounce spinnerbaits ,zoom worms (10 1/2") and larger crankbaits but can't pull out those lunkers. I currently use line in the 17-20lb trilene "big game" line for those who have been there u need tough line please if any one can help me i would deeply apreshiate it


mike St.Dare

Re: Trophy bass in Zim

Hi Michael,

I have never been to Mayfair myself, but found this article which might be of some assistance. Go to the link below.