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roodekopjes dam report needed.

Hi Jacques and to all.
I would like to know how if the bass are spawning at roodekopjes and if anybody can provide me with info of their catches,where,when,size spawning / not-spawning...We did rustdewinter dam today,got 3 fish,1.2kg 1.4kg 2.0kg,all released!The water is 15'C in the morning and 20'C at 2 in the afternoon,perhaps a week or so to go.

Brush Hog.

Re: roodekopjes dam report needed.

I,ve not been to the dam in a while but I think that the dam wall and small bays between 2-6 feet will produce and would not say no to the timber at the far end of the dam.At the dam wall try throwing a caraliona rigged full sized brush hog (I prefer june bug) or maybe I crankbait and fish it slow. the shallow bays I,d use a thumper bladed(colardo blade) spinnerbait in white or chartreuse (the water is quite muddy in these parts). Well I hope a Juniors advice is worth while

Mike St.Dare

Re: Re: roodekopjes dam report needed.

hi mike

Thanx for replying to my request for a report!I did visit the dam the weekend after my request was posted,the whole weekend!We caught 17 the whole weekend,my personal best on a dying flutter boom bang smacked it right on the surface,on a very strange gusty windy day(2.6kg)!!???Full of egg's,I suppose they are spawning right now,yesterday it was full moon!biggest fish for the weekend was 2.8 kg,with rumours of 5kg+ fish!!
Oh the dam is a mere 45% full,good luck to you.

Greetings Brush Hog