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not biting (vaal river)

Today we were at the vaal river and decided to check the fishing. Using post-spawn tactics we fished mojo rigged flukes and senkos. NOT A THING we tried every area focus on the areas that were not horded by speed boats and bank anglers. We threw spinnerbaits in whitechartreuse to see if we could pick up any active fish casting mainly at points and at drop offs I even resorted to drop-shot and still NOTHING why have the fish got lock jaw . PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: not biting (vaal river)

This was during the spawn, you should have thrown plastics close up aginst every wall you could find and then run spinnerbaits parrallel to the walls, we were getting 40+ fish a day on this weekend with numerous fish going over 1.5??

The only thing I can think of is that you were in the reeds where you should have been on every bit of man made structure you could find

Re: Re: not biting (vaal river)

I fish from the bank at the Vaal atleast four times a week and have had NO success on spinnerbaits. I cast everywhere but only have found joy on plastic worms, shallow crankbaits and inline spinners.