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Re: Bass Bank fishing venues

Hey boet i feel bad for man! If only you were here in the US with me, I would make you mal with some of the kwai bassin right here in the city of New York - ja - New York City. This whole country has water hogs everywhere. I hope for you okes' sake it gets like that in SA within the next coupla years and I hope some oke shows you to a sweet spot!


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I can start off by telling you a very sad story about how I failed misserably to obtain information on venues that caters for bassers angling from the bank and end with how many keywords and search engines I have used in the last couple of weeks. However, I'll spare you's the grisly details and just say or Plea what I need to Plea?

If there's anybody who has more details on venues more than the little list I managed to compile through the aforementioned media and all the fishing magazines including all the BASS mags then please forward me the details, it would be extremely appreciated, Really!

My venue list is as follows and is for the greater Pretoria_JHB and surrounding area:
1. Vasfontien Bass Estate
2. Oppikoppi Bass Farm
3. Klein Paradys
4. Roodeplaat Dam
5. Hartebeespoort Dam
6. Rust de Winter Dam

I have visited these venues nad hav had some good and bad days at most of them except Hartebeespoort which i hope to get some informationon where to go bank fishing?

Also, Some info that I stumbled across in my endless searches is that Rietvlei Dam apparently does not have BASS anymore. This is from a forum I read, again searching like a whatnot, that a member from Eco-care stated that Yellow's were reintroduced to the dam and that extensive netting has been doen, as a measure of some sort I suppose, but that not one single bass could be found. I was also informed when i visited the dam before stumbling upon that forum by the guy at the gate that the last BASS caught in Rietvlei was some four (4) yaers ago which would be around 2003.

Please Guys, I'm addicted like many other poor a fellow who helplessly got caught by those greenies with the Big mouths and does not want to shed their addiction.

Should there be anyone who needs info on the venues in my lsit please feel free to drop me an e-mail and I'll gladly forward you all I've got on the venue requested. My e-mail address is

Happy Bassin to you all.