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Re: Bass @ Roodekopjes

Hi, we always launched at the Northern Transvaal grounds. The dam has not fished well for the last 3 years or so. I have fished there before, and had a couple of nice fish, including a 2.6kg on topwater. If I were you I would try the damwall aswell to the left of the dam wall there is a pumpstation. The whole shorelin to the left of the wall and then when continueing up this shoreline --> driving up to the crocodile river, on the right there is a little rocky bay with lots of trees. Try this aswell. When you go further up there is the river with alot of trees standing in the river. This you can't miss. I have not had success in the river, but it looks so bassy that you can't ignore this. Please let me know how you did, I would really like to know if you had any success ! Well all the best of luck. Brush Hog.

Re: Re: Bass @ Roodekopjes

Thanks fot the info.What baits should I try?Will let you know how it went

Re: Re: Re: Bass @ Roodekopjes

well back in the day, we were really using alot of superflukes, in watermellon/greenpumpkin and watermellon red on w1 weights- texas / mojo. Then we also got on junebug Gambler Bacon rind, this is the same as zoom's Brush hog, in junebug. Chartreuse spinnerbaits in 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz with colorado blades. I suppose willows will also work. a 6 inch deadringer would do no harm in junebug. On later trips we used senco's and this was in 4 inch green pumpkin at the dam wall. Worked lekker.

I would target the trees and there is also a fair share of weeds on the shore i mentioned to u. when facing the damwall, the left shoreline. Lots of wooded cover... mmm heaven. Then the topwater was on a dying flutter, spit'n image also can do the trick. But i would start with flukes if i were you. I hope this is enough info. let me know if u need more.