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Hi Dale

I've been fishing from a float tube for the last two years due to a lack of funds for a boat. To answer your first question, yes they are safe. Once seated your point of gravity is actually below the water line, so the chances of toppling over will be very slim, just watch out for those extreme hook sets.

Also, when you're buying a tube, get one that is U shaped, it allows you to get in and out a lot easier.

I do believe that you can stalk Bass better in a tube because of the low profile you keep, and less noise. Especially if you drift towards the structure or cover. Just make sure you don't drift into it!

I'm sure you can use your waders, I'm normally just in my swimming trunks and a shirt. The more popular method is to get hold of a wetsuit(just the pants, or the farmer john type), this will keep you warm, but not dry.

You'll have to get flippers for propulsion, I own a Explorer tube and I received a set of flippers with the tube made specifically for float tubing, and they work well until you get strong winds!

The fun part is when you hook-up on a nice size fish, they tend to pull you around and spin you a bit, but that is what makes a tube so special. The other plus point is transporting it, mine fits into a bag witch I sling over my shoulder and I'm off to my destination.

My only negative input is that you cannot fish where there are crocs!

Hope you enjoy your tubing!!


p.s. If you surf on the net a bit there are websites dedicated to tubing, check out the fish they've caught!

Re: Float Tubing

Howzit, Dale!

The above link has lots of info on float tubing.

Also check out for for quality-made South African personal flotation craft which are even endorsed by some USA Bassers!

Thanks for visiting the BigBass Forum and keep your lure in the water!

All the best,


I started float tube fishing last spring in hopes of someday moving up to a boat of somekind. My step father turned me on to it. He has done it for years and years. Last year I was nervous, scared and didn't know quite how to approach this technique....
That was last year....last saturday I hooked a five pounder that set the year off with a bang. Yesterday I was fishing my favorite spot in Northwest Texas and hooked a 10 pounder...At 6:30 this morning I was back at my favorite spot that boats just cant get to and hooked a 8 pounder and a 7 pounder, not to mention losing a few hogs that wrapped my braided line around a log or two.... Every place I fish, I can approach it quitely and flip or drop right down. The water is very stained here and stayes that way through most of the year.
So I have to depend on placing the bait in the right spot quitely....Its almost impossible to do that in any other kind of craft. I use side flippers to manuver and they work well. It is the most fun I have ever had fishing and I just don't think I want a boat anymore. Just watch the wind and don't get caught in the water when you don't need to be and you will have a great time...