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To all players everywhere,

The Whitehorse Open 2005 Darts Tournament is on its way.
Keep your eyes open for BBQ's, Raffle & a whole day of playing.

Big Money to be Won

entering a team into a league

i am caron shepherd 41 and im very intrested of getting my daughter 15,16 in august into a darts team or enter my own team into a league in sussex.
she is very intrested and likes the sport alot and also she is very good for her age.
we have a dart board at home and we play alot. i play for a team the waterloo pub and have played for over 10 years now.
she knows many people who are also intrested in playing at her age and i just want to know weather there is a chance of her being added into a team or me entering a team into a league.
please get back to me asap
caron shepherd

Re: playing / entering a team into a league

Hi Caron,

I have passed your details onto John West, the League Chairman.

Ian (Bognor Darts Webmaster)