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Darts teams

Just moved to the area & would like to join a darts team.
Is there a winter league, on what nights, to what standard & where?
Also what format are the games played on

Re: Darts teams

Hi Dave,

Nice to see someone new to the area checking out the site.
Yes we do have a winter league, on both Tuesdays & Fridays.
The Winter Tuesday League, is Double In - Double Out, 6 Singles & 3 Pairs, All Best of 3 legs, and will start in late October.
The Friday Benevolent League is Straight In - Double Out, 6 Singles & 3 Pairs, All Best of 3 legs, and starts in about 3 weeks.
The main area is around Bognor, with some venues at Chichester, Barnham & Felpham.
You can check out the standard of the players by looking at the Results & Statistics from both leagues on the site. There is a wide range of playing standards throughout the league, with lots of high standard players.
We also have a Sussex Superleague Team that play on Wednesdays.

If you wish to see the players playing in a competition, we have our Singles knockout tomorrow night (Friday 30/9/05). Pop down if you're free. It will be played at the Whitehorse Pub, Chichester Road. If you need any more info, please contact me on my email.

Thanks for being interested in Bognor Darts.
Ian Hackett (Bognor Darts Webmaster)

Re: Darts teams

I am also new to the area and would like to start playing again.

I could not find the averages on the main site??

I am an average club player these days, used to play in the herts super league about 10 yrs ago but that was when playing regularly!!

Are there any teams that are short on numbers?? i am based in Bognor on shripney lane??



Re: Darts teams

Hi Matt,

The links for the main Leagues are located at the top of each page. When you choose one of these you then need to choose which season to look at (under the logo). Then you can choose to see fixtures, rules, results, player stats, etc.

Regards becoming a player, which nights are you looking at playing on. We have Tuesday & Friday leagues for the average player, and the Superleague is on Wednesdays.
Our Friday league presentation night is this Friday. The new league will be starting asap.
The Tuesday league starts tomorrow night. I have a full team for this, but if you want, you can come down to the Family Tree for a trial, because my team has a bye.

Ian (Bognor Darts Webmaster)

Re: Darts teams

thanks for the reply Ian, couldn't make it tonight and to be honest would rather go to a team that needs players - are ther any out there that struggle for a team???

Re: Darts teams

Hi Matt,
I understand that. As the season is just starting I would think that all the teams would have a full compliment of players, but I don't know!
Saying that, one of my players didn't turn up last night, and I am having problems contacting him.
I will also admit that not many people post messages on this forum, and I'm not sure how many log onto the forum either.
Also, I said before which day/days of the week are you looking at playing on? We also have the Friday league starting soon.
Email me at if you want to chat some more.

Re: Darts teams

i understand that the Prince of Wales are looking for players for their Friday night team. Also the Whitehorse (c) team were short of players for most of last season so they might be worth a try. Your best bet is to try and come along to the presentation night at the Family Tree this friday (13/10/06) if you introduce yourself to either Ian Hackett or John West they will be able to point you in the right direction.