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Super League

Any idea what the sussex darts organisation website url is, I am after the summer super league section, not just the bognor team but others aswell. I know you have the bognor results here, but am interested in other teams too

Re: Super League

Hi John Boy,

I only put up the details for Bognor players because I receive the results on paper & it would take a quite a while to type all the players names, averages, etc.

There is a link on our links page for the Sussex Darts Organisation, but unfortunately it has been offline for over a year. (Not very professional for a newly recognized sport)

The reason for this is that they had someone hack into the coding of their two county fixtures pages and had links for sex sites placed every where the word sex was. i.e. sussex, essex, etc.

This was notified to them and they decided to take the whole website down. All they really had to do was to change the coding for those pages affected and add a piece of coding to each page to stop it happening in the future.

That's why, but as yet there is still no sign of it returning. Vic Sexton (League Secretary) is supposedly recreating it in his spare time. Maybe more complaints to the SDO will make him work a bit quicker. Check out this page for his details.

Ian (Bognor Darts Webmaster)