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winter league

i would like to join a team in the winter league this year could any1 tell me how to find out which pubs need a player

Re: winter league

Hi Courtney,

Welcome to the Forum.
Which day of the week were you interested in? We have the Tuesday league (which has just started) & the Friday league (which starts on the 3rd Nov).
There may be some teams that will be short on players (there usually are!), but at the moment I don't know.
If you can say which area of Bognor you are in I can let you know which pubs are closest to you that are putting teams into the league. You could ask behind the bar in these pubs to find out.

At the moment that's all I can suggest, but it's a starting point.

Ian (Bognor Darts Webmaster)

Re: winter league

thaks ian, i live in middleton on sea and would like to play on fridays

Re: winter league

i am interested for this year if anyone knows of any teams short for tuesdays preferably?? i am in north bersted.