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Although i am grateful to the family tree for agreeing to the league holding the competitions there at short notice. The problem i have and other players have agreed is that it is too small. When playing a game on some boards other people are walking past either to the toilets or the bar. Do any other players feel the same and is there an alternative now that the league have there own free standing boards

Re: Competitions

Hi John,

Only last week we held an AGM for the league, and the free standing boards were mentioned. Everyone was asked if they had any other problems or questions for the league. Why did you not bring this up then?

Re: Competitions

if anyone is getting in the way when players are throwing darts then it can only be other dart players as on any dart nights we have sole use of that room. so maybe you should speak to the player getting in the way. there are 3 rooms in the family tree so there is no need for anyone to get in the way. the family tree must be the largest pub in bognor to accomadate us all. all the players i have spoken to love the atmosphere there and agree that we have been made to feel very welcome there and the landlord has gone out of his way to build everything we need to play our matches at his own expense.