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Problems with youths in Weston?

Is this a problem that really exists? Is it more of an issue than any other suburb of Bath?

Wikipedia has the following entry about Weston village:

"Weston has a relatively low crime rate although there have been known to be some issues with local youths in the past. On any given day, a quick drive around the suburb will find youths who are seemingly absconding from school. As a result of disorderly youth behaviour, a CCTV camera was installed on the High Street during the latter half of 2006, although its effectiveness is yet to be measured.

Many suspicious looking youths who can be classified as chavs sit at bus stops late at night, as a short drive will find."

If this fair?

Re: Problems with youths in Weston?

Well, people of Weston, if there are problems with youths in Weston, it is no different to most places in Britain. The description might well have been of the place in which I live in York. Bus stops are favourites and every morning there will be evidence of drinking, etc., so providing a very good illustration of why people will never voluntarily leave their cars at home and use buses in the evening. I do rather hope Weston isn't following the rest of the country, or perhaps that you have a better class of chav down there.

Re: Re: Problems with youths in Weston?

Yes, there is a problem with youths in Weston, but no, it's no worse than in any other area, in fact a lot less of a problem than say Larkhall or Twerton have experienced over the last 12 months.

Re: Problems with youths in Weston?

What parts of the area does this issue manifest itself?

Re: Problems with youths in Weston?

So the lack of replies could be:

a) no one reads this forum, or
b) it's not really a big deal anyway?!

Re: Re: Problems with youths in Weston?

The idea of youths being a problem here is a joke. I'm from London and recently had my front door kicked in by 4 teenagers while I was at work. One of them was on bail for some other misdemeanour. If a bit of 'hanging about' is the extent of the problem then I think we should be grateful! Trust me, there isn't a problem here.

Re: Re: Re: Problems with youths in Weston?

I agree Hannah, We do not appreciate how lucky we are! Our youths are just trying to entertain themselves. A friend of mine was phsically attacked in the highstreet by a group of teenagers a couple of years ago but that is the only trouble I have ever come accross and you get the rouge teenagers showing off in any district. If we make decisions on appearances alone then we do have a problem as this is as antisocial as the behaviour that is being complained about.