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Bladud's Head

I am trying to find some information about the public house Bladud's Head which according to neighbouring adresses in the 1861, 1871 &1881 census used to be located near the intersection of Trafalgar Street, High Street and Church Street. Bladud's Head is also listed in the 1885 Post Office Directory but is not to be found in the 1895 and later P.O. directories. This suggests that possibly it was closed down as a public house between 1885 and 1895. Lescombe Hawkins who was a publican at Bladud's Head from 1861 to 1876 was a witness at the wedding of my great grandparents Joseph Amsbury and Louisa Hadill at All Saints church in 1864.

Ian Vince. (Adelaide, South Australia).

Re: Bladud's Head

Hi, I have had a look in a book I have "Lost pubs of Bath" Andrew Swift and KIrsten Elliott. It reads"There was also a beerhouse called the Bladud's Head somewhere in Weston High Street. It was opened around 1864 by Lescombe Hawkins, a cabinet maker, and closed in the early 1880's when he moved to 3 Church Row (now 11 Church Street.)That's it I'm afraid, but I do know that the Weston Histrorical Society meets every month, I'm sure someone there may be able to fillin the gaps,there number is 01225 394041.I have bought some very interesting books on Weston from ebay and Amazon when I have a moment I will see if there is anything in them re the Bladud's Head that might be relevant. With kind regards Jo