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Your children think you are a sad old dinosaur, you don't dare reminisce with your friends because they will think you are older than you look. Come on in here, we don't know you!

Pointelss Nostalgia Forum - What do you remember?
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Re: ESSO Smurfs???

I don't remember Esso smurfs, but I do remember an Esso keyring I think my dad had, with a little man with a flame shaped head, and an all white body. I also remember, not only Olympics coins but also football coins, (world cup?) with pictures of players on one side, that went into cardboard holes. I don't think we ever got a whole set. I also remember my dad saving up coupons to get roly poly glasses from the garage, we had a couple of those, and they used to put the petrol in the car for you, my dad used to say, '£5 of four star'. That was when petrol was in gallons, not litres too, of course. Hate to think how much a gallon of petrol would be nowadays, lol!

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