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Your children think you are a sad old dinosaur, you don't dare reminisce with your friends because they will think you are older than you look. Come on in here, we don't know you!

Pointelss Nostalgia Forum - What do you remember?
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Music in 70s

As some of the people posting I was born in 1960 does that make me a boring old fart or a lower middle aged man I'm not too sure,but do remember frequenting many of the music venues mentioned.Do remember first concert being Dr Feelgood at Colston hall,that got me hooked and along with Colin and poor old Nick now sadly no longer with us enjoyed many a good gig every Sunday night.One of the highlights would have been chatting to some Irish bloke at bar in Locarno who later got up to sing punk anthem Teenage Kicks with the brilliant Undertones.The best night of my life was well except when my daughter was born would have been seeing some band called the Ramones for the first time I really expected the floor to fall out of the Locarno.One question I would like an answer to if poss saw Clash,Buzzcocks and Slits at C H in I think 1976 does anyone remember who the fourth band was answer on a postcard please or to crabbie33@hotmail.co.uk.Thanks to anyone who knows.
Ian Crabbe ex Callington Road.

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