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Educational map puzzles

Hi guys,
My name is Scott Joyce and I'm starting a business on Kickstarter with my mom selling educational map puzzles to teach kids geography. She has been designing the puzzles on and off for the past 10-12 years. They're high quality, made of Russian birch faced plywood and include a magnetic backing system so kids don't accidentally dump the pieces (they're still easy to pull out though!). You can check out our video and the puzzles at this link:

or just Google “Puzzle fun Kickstarter”.

We are trying to bring this product to market and we have until June 8th to raise our goal of eighty thousand dollars to buy the laser cutting machine we need for mass production. You can preorder them now at the link above, and depending on the reward level you choose you can have the puzzle signed by the designer, or even have a Skype discussion with her about the design process, the challenges she’s faced, education in general, or anything else your heart desires! Help us bring this great product to market and go pre-order yours now! Thanks for your time and support feedback is always welcome!