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Geography-Radiation temp, remote sensing

Hey so I have 2 questions which i am stuck on.

1. The people in Ottawa have given your name to a company that has invented better solar panels and wants to demonstrate them at a press conference on May 1, 2013. To help them decide where to do this, they hire you to determine the best latitude for having the event in order to get maximum radiation for a horizontal panel. They also want you to calculate the energy flow a 10 m2 section of their panel should receive there, at solar noon, given that it will be laying flat on the ground, near sea level, and under a perfectly clear sky.

a. The best latitude on this date would be __________________.
b. At solar noon a 10 m2 panel would receive about _______________ W.

2. Someone from a town situated at 60O N buys some of these new panels and, although they know they have to mount them perpendicular to the Sun at the December solstice, you are asked to tell them how much radiation they will receive then, at solar noon under a clear atmosphere, compared to what occurred at the press conference event described above.

The amount for a 20 m2 panel would be ________________ W.

Totally bummed out on how to do this. Any help is appreciated!