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What am I looking at?


In all honesty I love geography, and know absolutely NOTHING about it. But I want to know more, I found you guys. I live in the northwest, near the cascade range. I have come to visit a friend, they live up out of the city of Wenatchee. Out their kitchen window is a breathtaking view, of much of the cascades here in the part of the world. But there is a prominent feature, (in my mind anyways) It looks like a volcano with a pointy protrusion in the center from where I am standing. I decided to go to Google earth and do some looking around. I got a screen shot of the feature and posted it here

It is referred to as "cannon mountain". But what I see is so much more then just a mountain, I see a HUGE volcano, cannon mountain being only one of the ragged edges after it blew up. I am a creationist and believe in a world flood. So in this light, what do YOU think this is? Like I said I am new to the field of geography, but to me, this looks to be a unique land formation, and a fairly important phenomena...but again I am not an expert. Please email me or reply here if you want to chat about it. God Bless.