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Theoretical Question about The Poles

Hello, hello.

I have a theoretical question concerning the poles and the rotation of a planet.

First off, I'm a languages student so not an expert by any means and I'm currently researching and building the foundations for a fantasy world. One idea I am toying with the idea that this world has its poles located on the sides (Meaning instead of North and South pole, they are located in the West and East parts of the world)

In short the eastern you go, the colder it is and the western side is more tropical or temperate.

The mass of the planet I'm thinking its roughly the mass of Mars but well a world that sustains life and humans. So it has large masses of land as continents but like Earth is pretty much more water than anything else.

So my questions would be:

1) Does having the poles in a different location have any major impacts on the environment?

2) What would happen if the rotation was in a different direction?

Thanks in advance!