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Physical Geography Questions

Some geography questions and I would like some help here. Thanks

Wind blows from _______ pressure to ________ pressure in the northern hemisphere and ________ pressure to ________ pressure in the southern hemisphere.

Question 1 options:

high, low, high, low

high, low, low, high

low, high, high, low

Question 2
The Coriolis force turns air and water to the _____ in the northern hemisphere and the _____ in the southern hemisphere.

South, North

North, South

Right, Left

Left, Right

Question 3
Which best describes the reason low pressure systems are associated with clouds and precipitation.

Winds are stronger near low pressure

Air blows away from the low pressure causing moisture to flow in

Air spins around low pressure systems

Low pressure systems mix warm and cold air

As air moves towards a low pressure system, it converges near the center causing air to rise

Question 4
Earth must stay in radiative equilibrium. Because humans are increasing greenhouse gases, the amount of incoming radiation from the sun is no longer balanced by the amount of radiation escaping to space. In order for Earth to adjust to this imbalance and reach a new equilibrium, it must _______________.



Get wetter

Grow more trees

Raise sea levels

Question 5
What made 2015 the warmest year on record? (choose the best answer)

El Nino

Anthropogenic (human-made) global warming


A and B

A, B, and C

Question 6
Air circulates ________________ around high pressure systems in the northern hemisphere and ________________ around high pressure systems in the southern hemisphere.

outward, inward

clockwise, counterclockwise

counterclockwise, clockwise

quickly, slowly

slowly, quickly

Question 7
If it weren’t for the _________________, wind would just blow in a straight line from high to low pressure.

pressure gradient force


Coriolis Force

Earth's Tilt


Please help me with these questions.