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Unknown translation of a geographical or form


What is the proper english term for a very narrow passage that traverses a precipice, a vertical face in the mountains etc. "Very narrow" means 0.4 - 1m wide at the most.

In the Romanian Carpathians (e.g. Bucegi Mountains) there are such passes of natural origin where you traverse a very steep, often vertical, face of the mountain. They are 300-500-2 km m long, at an altitude above 1000 m and with a precipice below them of hundreds of meters. Falling from there would mean certain death. In Romanian they're called "brână (pl. brâne)".

Also, what is the proper term for such a very steep rock precipice/face that is hundreds or even > 1000 m high ? The equivalent common term in german is "Schlucht".


Thank you in advance